Savings of Roof Renew Vs. Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof has become very expensive as costs have continued to rise. A typical roof replacement in Utah costs between $6-$8+/sq ft. So replacing even a modest roof will typically cost $8,000 or more and can easily run $30,000+ for a larger roof. Roof Renew extends the life of your roof for 6-8+ years with each treatment, and you can apply the treatment up to three times, for a total of 18+ years of extended life for your roof. As “30 year” shingle roofs only last about 15-20 years in Utah without regular treatment and rejuvenation, Roof Renew can extend your roof’s life expectancy up to double what you would expect from an untreated roof.

Here’s the math:

The average size of a residential roof in Northern Utah is about 2,500 square feet. (your roof will have a larger size than your home footprint, typically about 30% more).

In Utah, the average cost of a roof replacement is about $6-$8 per square foot.

Roof Renew costs only $1.00 per square foot.

Cost of roof replacement: 2,500 sqft. x $7/sqft. = $17,500

Cost of Roof Renew: 2,500 sqft. x $1.00/sqft. = $2,500

SAVINGS: $15,000

As you can see, Roof Renew is a truly revolutionary advancement in roof maintenance, that extends the life of your roof for much less than the cost of replacement.